The Chester A. Arthur Society Bounty Information

Portrait of Chester A. Arthur

"The Fine Print"

  1. Protests must be based on car/class eligibility issues. Protests on other issues such as driver eligibility and other rules issues are not included in the bounty system.
  2. One winning protest per class, per protesting driver, will be awarded a bounty each season. JStock protests will be awarded twice a season.
  3. Protests must be made at a sanctioned BMW CCA Club Racing event, within the guidelines of the CR rules.
  4. The protest must be successful.
  5. The protest must be announced publically on the CRSig email mailing list by either the protester, protestee, involved steward or well-informed bystander. The explanation must include the basis of the protest, the ruling of the stewards and the punishment of the guilty.
  6. No matter who reports the succesful protest on the CRSig email mailing list, the racer who initiates the protest wins the bounty.
  7. If more than one racer form a group to make a protest, the bounty money shall be divided evenly between them, but each of the protesters will win membership in the Society and receive a Society membership patch.
  8. The bounty shall be a $50 gift certificate to VAC Motorsports and a Society membership patch.
  9. VAC Motorsports is not an official sponsor of the Society. We buy our certificates from them, that's all.
  10. Members of the Society are completely anonymous to everyone, including each other.
  11. Members of the Society may wear their Society membership patch on their driving suits if they desire to expose themselves.