The Chester A. Arthur Society

Portrait of Chester A. Arthur

The Chester A. Arthur Society is a secret association of licensed BMW Club Racers
who believe that BMW Club Racing would be better if there were more rules protests.

The Society encourages rules protests through monetary rewards for successful protests.
Successful protesters win valuable gift certificates at BMW Club Racing national sponsors.

Successful protesters, and Society members willing to publically acknowledge their membership,
may wear the coveted "Chester A. Arthur Society Embroidered Patch."

The Society is named after Chester A. Arthur, the 21st President of the United States.
As President Arthur rose above his patronage-dispensing past to promote landmark legislation
designed to curb the very spoils system that had been the springboard for his own political rise.
He also proved to be a foe of other forms of corruption. When, for example, a "pork barrel" bill for
public improvements reached his desk, he did not hesitate to veto this measure,
which clearly placed catering to special interests above public need.

FIVE bounties are now available.

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